Facebook Timeline Changes for Business and Places Fan Pages are Upon Us…What does it mean for you?

As of today, Facebook as opened up the option to convert a Business Brand
or Place Fan Page to the “Timeline”, they say on March 30th ALL pages will
automatically be converted…like it or not.

There’s a lot of pluses to the change, but there are a couple negatives
for sure, especially for Businesses and Brands that have been using
“like gateways, landing pages or veils” to assist in converting non
fans into fans…

Well, a couple things, tabs will be gone..”currently” as we know them, and
we will no longer be able to have a “default” landing tab for people who
are not fans.. Which is why many social media managers as my self, and facebook
page builders say don’t go and do the convert just yet. No need to for one, and
we are expecting Facebook to submit to the concerns of 1000’s if not 100’s of
thousands of business owners and brands who depend on, and pay for services, systems
and tools to help grow their businesses, and will allow default tab settings..

At any rate, here’s a great article about the change..
on PCWorld.

And another one here on TechCrunch.

I just picked up a couple of new tools, developed specifically for these changes, and will
let you know what you think..as an administrator of numerous company pages, I have to do
all I can to stay on top of changes and technologies to help my clients get the best results
as possible.

On that note, stay tuned as later tonight I will be launching a book and video training giveaway…
as well as letting you experience a live demo of “Multi-Channel” marketing using SMS text messaging,
email and voice, all in one platform. I will be giving away a 1000 e-copies of new book,
which you can buy it here on Amazon, if you want.

But I’d recommend why not let me give it to you, plus… you’ll have an exclusive on 4 new training videos
on video marketing and getting your videos ranked 1st page properly, mobile and text marketing, how to
properly syndicate your content across the web for best results, and how to properly optimize and set up
any WordPress blog to get a LOT of Google Love and have it dominate for your niche…
These will be a recordings of live, this is how we do it..and the tools we use to accomplish it.

No sales pitch, I’m just looking for businesses and sales organizations that want to get more branding,
more leads, more customers and sales using the social media footprints and internet.

Thanks for your time and to our mutual success!


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