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Free Social Media Training

Businesses need plan to avoid social media destruction?

“I ran across this article and it brings up many points that businesses just cannot ignore any longer!” KG

Companies urged to resolve complaints before they escalate

Most small businesses don’t have an online marketing plan and social media should be a part of that plan, according to Therese Pope, an Internet and social media marketing expert who specializes in online reputation management. “The biggest problems with small businesses is they do everything backwards and it comes downs to being proactive as supposed to being reactive,” Pope said.

Hitchcock and Pope said most small businesses create a page and forget about it, rarely updating the posts. Then when a customer is unsatisfied for whatever reason and complains about the business online, the business is overwhelmed by how to respond.

“No. 1 reason business brands are attacked is because they don’t have a social media marketing plan in place. Social media is another Internet marketing tool to help with marketing and promotion and people still fail to have a plan in place,” said Pope.