52.6% More Customers With Timeline Changes?

52.6% More Customers With Timeline Changes?

If you are involved at all with Facebook Marketing,
you know all about the impending Timeline layout.

And you probably also know that the switch to Timeline
(coming this Friday!), has fan page owners
running for the hills.

Well, not this guy…

Facebook Fan Machines

If you want to know how to make more money thanks to
Facebook’s new changes, then take a minute to learn how…

A 25 Year-Old Non-Marketer Discovers How to Use Facebook
Timeline to Reach Millions of People, Create Huge Lists of
Potential Clients, and Become a Celebrity in Your Market.

Facebook is always changing, which is super frustrating.
But this guy is giving away the reason he has been getting
52% MORE leads off his fan page because of the new Timeline layout!

Hear the whole thing for him, and let him give you his
best performing template that you can drop onto your
fan page right here…

Facebook Fan Machines

Talk soon,
Kelly Gerards

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