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The Future of Food with Social Media and Mobile – Socialize to Survive.

Socialize to Survive – The Future of Food

As a social media management firm, we realize it might sound
somewhat self-serving to claim that social media marketing isn’t
merely optional but rather an absolute necessity for some forms
of business. After all, it wasn’t that long about that a website
was a relatively new addition to the field of advertising and
marketing. Could it really be that important for a small business
to engage in social media marketing or is it simply a bit of
hyperbole? Yes – Absolutely! Far from hyperbole, the facts behind
the stat’s are even more shocking; today more than ever before,
small business owners in food related fields simply must
socialize in order to survive. Today we are going to share some
insight into why any food, restaurant or other related
business must seriously consider investing in serious social
media marketing…and why failure to do so is risky business at

#1 – Restaurants. Dining out has been a longstanding tradition
and has done just fine without the benefit of social media
marketing…so why should things change now? It’s true that
nearly every restaurant has a unique clientele that is often
confined to a known geographic area and location; even fast-food
chain’s have a geographic zone and target population within the
local area. Adding to the confusion was the fact that the
Internet as a whole did little to enhance the business of most
local dining establishments. So, why would social media be any
different? In large part due to one word…mobile! Mobile
marketing is making huge inroads into the restaurant business and
with good reason; consumers are clamoring for on-demand
discounts, the ability to join friends and family on a moment’s
notice and

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Businesses need plan to avoid social media destruction?

“I ran across this article and it brings up many points that businesses just cannot ignore any longer!” KG

Companies urged to resolve complaints before they escalate

Most small businesses don’t have an online marketing plan and social media should be a part of that plan, according to Therese Pope, an Internet and social media marketing expert who specializes in online reputation management. “The biggest problems with small businesses is they do everything backwards and it comes downs to being proactive as supposed to being reactive,” Pope said.

Hitchcock and Pope said most small businesses create a page and forget about it, rarely updating the posts. Then when a customer is unsatisfied for whatever reason and complains about the business online, the business is overwhelmed by how to respond.

“No. 1 reason business brands are attacked is because they don’t have a social media marketing plan in place. Social media is another Internet marketing tool to help with marketing and promotion and people still fail to have a plan in place,” said Pope.


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