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July 2011

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New Case Study Coming – My Secret Facebook Fan Page Hook?

Hey there Everyone,

I know it’s been a while but for good reason. I started
working on a new business account for a client. A new
business from media, blog and website
idea to reality.

At any rate, over the last 7 weeks I’ve been testing a
system I put together that has built his fan page to almost
800, his niche fans, over 30 local merchants
in his market have signed on for his program and close
to 250 of those fans…just from facebook have subscribed
to his mailing list for more info and updates. Each one
of those subscribers has a revenue potential of $100 per
month to my client. You do the math, and we’re just getting

The kicker here, just from Facebook…starting with the idea
7 weeks ago!

It hit me that this system/process for building a targeted,
quality list on Facebook can work for any business, online..
or offline.

So tomorrow, look for a short 2-4 minute “Results” video,
that will give you a glance with social proof of what I will
be revealing in “this is how you do it” trainings coming the
first of August.

Thanks for your time, hope your summer is awesome and look
for the “New Facebook Fan Hook Video” coming tomorrow!

ps: If I can help you in any way, 719-379-3344 Direct.